Be Free ... Alcohol Free

Just over a year ago our first lockdown hit us. I must be honest, I wasn’t convinced we would actually “LOCK DOWN” … but it’s all been for the best, mostly, in terms of flattening the curve of this rude virus.

With the forced bans on movement came the alcohol prohibition, and subsequent to that a general unrest for alcohol sellers and consumers alike. Now that we can get our hands on our favourite alcoholic beverages again it’s been fun getting back into the ‘sip’ of things by stocking up for my collection … however, I have also been delving into the non-alcoholic isle and I must say I am enjoying what I’ve found, so far.

Look, nothing beats a good glass of wine, beer or whiskey, but some evenings after a long day at work I just want a refreshing tipple as opposed to the subtle hum in my ears when I go to bed which follows a glass of wine or two (call me a light weight, ok!).

One such tipple I have sipped on lately is INAH’s non-alcoholic wines. I first became acquainted with the range a few years back after going in search of non-alcoholic wines for some customers of mine down in the Cape. I stumbled upon the range and have been selling a few cases here and there ever since.

What are the Inah wines like, you ask? Well, for starters I suppose we cannot call them “wines”, technically. They’re actually grape juices produced from our favourite wine grapes; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. What makes them different is their complexity in flavour and aromas. There’s a structure to each sip unlike you’d find in your average store-bought breakfast grape juice.

INAH achieves this thanks to a process called Thermo Extraction, which allows them to extract the grape skin’s colour pigmentation which was previously only possible through the fermentation process of making wine as we know it. By doing this you don’t lose all the health benefits accompanying the grape skin such as antioxidents.  

There’s more to it, but we’ll delve deeper into the Thermo Extraction Process and it’s benefits in another article. For now all you need to know is that there is a non-alcoholic alternative to your favourite Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Shiraz and it’s available for delivery straight to your doorstep. To view the range or order, just click here.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout. You know where to find me!

So, next time you head over to friends for a braai but want to still enjoy the rest of your weekend headache-free … try some INAH alcohol free wines.