Celebrating Pinot Noir Day 2021


Image credit - Healthline

Wine is synonymous with many occasions. Celebrations are often a time of gently popping the cork from more than one special bottle of wine you've either been saving for the occasion, or a quick pick from your local liquor store. 

However, celebrating a wine varietal is something truly special! It's an opportunity to pay homage to our forefathers who have over centuries honed-to-perfection the art of transforming crushed grapes into true drinking delicacies.

Today, 18 August (2021), is Pinot Noir Day!

An opportunity to celebrate this highly unique varietal, which in our South African wine history has over the past three decades sprung to the fore in a rather non-surreptitious way thanks to extra attention as a varietal which shows great opportunity within our South African clime. 

For the history enthusiasts such as myself, it all really began back in 1927 with the first plantings of Pinot Noir at Muratie Wine Estate in Stellenbosch where the first commercial plantings of Pinot Noir took place. Now, almost 100 years later we're finding top Pinot coming from the more coastal regions, such as the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley near Hermanus. 

FUN FACT: Pinot Noir also boasts a familial relationship with our very own homegrown grape varietal - Pinotage. How so? Back in the 1925 Prof. Perold merged Pinot Noir and Cinsault to grow our very first Pinotage vines, with the first Pinotage wine bottled in 1941. Now 70 years later we're enjoying some top-class Pinotage from all over our South African wine lands, including the varietal being unique to South Africa. More about good ol'Pinotage another day though ... as there's lots still to tell. 

If I don't have your taste buds tingling with interest by now, well ... I'm on my own then as I'll be uncorking a bottle of my favourite Pinot Noir later today with much enthusiasm. 

What do I love about a good glass of Pinot Noir? It's a varietal I am currently enjoying (too much maybe!). The softer style, more polished structure due to fewer tannins is appealing with with my palate in more ways than I care to elaborate. Those strawberry aromas, spiciness and cherry undertones simply lure me in for each new sip. But hey, when it's good ... it's good! 

Cheers, Pinot Noir ... and thank you, Burgundy (France)!

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