Wine Trivia Tuesday | GLERA (Grape varietal)

What a name for a grape.


Sounds like a swear word spat out in anger by a little old foreign lady who lives in a mountain hut. Yes? NO! Definitely not the case ...

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Glera, otherwise known as Prosecco, is a grape varietal native to the north-eastern region of Italy's city of Treviso. It's a white grape varietal, and in actual fact comprises three varietals which make up the gene pool, those being:

Prosecco Lungo
Prosecco Tondo
Prosecco Nostrano

... or otherwise known as Glera for short. 

Don't quote me on this but as far as I could find there seems to be some confusion as to the origins of the varietal. Some saying there's no evidence of it's origin, others firmly believing that it made its way to the Treviso region of Italy from Slovenia. 

Either way, we're thankful for Glera being found and honed into the beautiful styles of Italian Proseccos we have available to enjoy today.

Want to enjoy Glera in action? Click here to browse through a selection of Prosecco's produced from the Glera grape varietal.

It's a treat, trust me!