Wine Trivia Tuesday | ROSÉ

It's that time of the week again ad with International Rosé Day having taken place yesterday I thought it an apt topic of conversation for today's Wine Trivia Tuesday article.


Often overlooked as a sweet, pink wine, Rosé is produced, for the most part, from red wine grapes. Without red grapes during the production process you wouldn't have a Rosé, let alone that pink hue because the color of the wine comes from the grapes spending a few hours on the skins in tanks after being pressed. The dark red, black color of the grape skins gives the Rosé its pink color, and depending on how long the winemaker leaves the grape juice in contact with the skins (usually 12 - 24 hours), the darker the pink color will become. 

*If the winemaker left the skins in the juice for long enough you will essentially have a red wine.

The two most well known methods of producing Rosés:

  1. Saignee method (French for "bleed") - During the red wine production process some of the red grape juice is tapped off early on in order to concentrate the flavors of the red wine with the remaining juice. This juice tapped off is used to make a Rosé. 
  2. Vin Gris method - Grape juice is separated from the skins shortly after crushing, therefore no skin contact is allowed and this results in a very pale-pink color to the wine. 
The beauty of a Rosé is it offers hints of the red grape varietal's characteristics, although on a lesser level than if a full-on red wine was produced from the grapes, yet with the fresh enjoyment of a white wine since Rosé can be best enjoyed chilled down to around 12 degrees celsius. 

Rosé if often overlooked as a wine of choice due to the perception within the South African market that it's a "cheaper" style of wine, erring towards a sweeter drinking experience. Although you do get some sweet cheapie Rosés on the market, many of which I'm sure you'll agree we all enjoyed during our younger years, we now can enjoy some fantastic dry styles, two of which I have in my online store. 

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