Wine Trivia Tuesday | VERAISON

It's 'Wine Term Tuesday' and to get our first wine term on the books I came across a term I hadn't used in quite some time - "VERAISON". 

Pronounced ve-ray-son, and the French meaning for "the onset of ripening", this word describes the phase during a grapevine's grape growing process when the young, green grapes (specifically in red grapes) change color from green to their different shades of red/purple hue, dependent on the grape varietal. 

During this phase the winemaker or viticulturist will begin to pay closer attention to the vineyards to inspect their maturation towards ripeness. This stage also signals the beginning of sugar production within the grape, and will allow the winemaker to begin his estimate on when the harvest date can be expected.

Grape bunches growing on the outer edges of the grapevines will reach veraison quicker than those hidden by more leaves due to their exposure to sun and other environmental factors. 

Watch this time-laps of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from beginning to end of veraison at Jordan Winery, Sanoma, USA...