A Tribute to Rob Armstrong

... "a majestic sight to behold, massive in every aspect, bold a fearless" ...

Image credit: Twitter @RamboWine

This excerpt taken from one of Haute Espoir's blog articles explaining the naming behind their icon label, Gentle Giant, stood out to me in recent months while I was browsing through their website. Having known the wine's name was taken from the elephants which used to roam the Franschhoek valley, I couldn't help constantly finding synonymity with Rob's physique and persona. A gentle giant, he was. 

We met some years back at a wine show. With respect and in all honesty I didn't know Rob that well, but being affiliated with the wine industry his name would pop up in conversation, especially years back when I believe many enjoyed his company at the Elephant and Barrel pub in Franschhoek. Good times were had, I can only imagine! My sincere condolences to his family and close friends. 

This is a brief tribute to The Gentle Giant who has left us, but will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, Rob. 

For those interested, read The Insider SA's article on Rob and his endevours at Haute Espoir Winery for a lovely summary of what he aimed to achieve.

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