Who am I?

I'm The Wine Guy

Self-proclaimed I might add ...

For the past 12 years my career has been involved in wine or the South African wine industry in some way or another. What does that mean exactly? Well, to summarise, this includes ... 

  • Selling wine to the likes of Virgin Wines in the UK
  • Managing online wine stores 
  • Racing around the Cape Winelands selling wine & imported wine bottles to our beloved wineries
  • Buying wines from most wineries
  • Tasting wines socially and professionally
  • Managing wine clubs
  • Writing about wine, something which I love doing
  • Building and managing websites which revolve around wine
  • Representing wineries and their wines in the Cape & now Gauteng

These are just a few exciting opportunities and experiences wine has given me since 2007.

TheWineGuy.co.za started off as a joke as my email signature while working for WineWeb.co.za back in 2009. As the years have gone by I've turned it into my brand through which I've directed my passion & appreciation for wine as a product.

As you've seen, my website has been rebranded and offers a range of services and features, including:

👉🏼 Buy wines online

👉🏼 Wine Reviews & Articles


... with many more exciting features to come!


I look forward to sharing the world of wine with you. If there's one thing I want you to take away from your experience with wine, it would be this ...

Wine is a product of our South African agricultural sector, but more importantly a form of art in a bottle. With every bottle you buy, or glass you enjoy, take the time to savour the result of a lot of hard work and dedication, whether it's a cheap or expensive bottle of wine. By enjoying South African wine responsibly you're contributing to one of, if not THE, oldest industries in our beautiful country (and the world).

So without rambling on any longer, please enjoy TheWineGuy.co.za and contact me if you have any questions or comments. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Richard Cranna

😉The Wine Guy🍷

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