Wine Commentary | Pressing Matters for SA's Wine Industry

 "Fully 80% of the industry is either just breaking even or loss-making.

The drought over the past few years in the Western Cape has reduced yields and forced farmers to pull out vines, so SA’s total hectarage under vine has dropped around 10% from about 102,000 hectares in 2008 to about 93,000 now." - Daily Maverick

The above excerpt is from an article I just read which was published by Daily Maverick. The article highlights the status of South Africa's wine industry at present, and from what I gather, the uncertainty of what lies ahead thanks to the current economic climate and a lack of governmental input in assisting one of South Africa's largest sectors of employment. 

What I would like to highlight from this article is that although there are literally thousands of wine labels to choose from in our market when searching for that next bottle to bring home, your choice should be backed by an appreciation for the effort that goes into producing that bottle of wine you have chosen. 

What do I mean by this, exactly?

As noted in the article, there has been an increase in the closure of wine producers in South Africa due to the tough economic playing field within which our wine producers work every day. I especially loved Ross Gower's comment, "Winemakers … well … you know, they are artists". I agree wholeheartedly and if you've ever shared a few glasses of wine with me around a table you might have heard me exclaim a similar comment now and then, that wine is an art and every bottle should be appreciated, no matter how cheap or expensive. 

Every bottle of wine which is produced, from an R80 bottle of the high-volume Beyerskloof Pinotage to the ever-so-rare Sadie Palladius which, if you can get hold of it, will set you back a delicious R800+ per bottle. Although these two wines are produced in hugely different ways and styles, and in no way can be compared to one another, Beyers Truter has taken the utmost care in keeping consistency in the quality of the Beyerskloof Pinotage every year, as has Eben Sadie for his Palladius. Each bottle available on shelf has gone through an enormous amount of input from the producer, sales agents and marketing team ... so when you pull the cork from your next bottle, or screw the cap off, savour each sip knowing that although the industry as a whole is going through a tough time, we are doing our best to give you, the consumer, the best sipping experience possible and appreciate your support with the purchase of each bottle bought.

Read the original article on Daily Maverick by clicking here - 


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