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The world is evolving at a rapid pace, we know.

If I take a brief step back in time and ponder the past 150 years alone we're met with a mind-blowing number of innovations which I cannot quite comprehend, let alone where we'd be without them. 

Take, for instance, flight, the television or cellphone as a small, yet significant example. Heck, if I was typing this very article back in 1867 on my brand new, highly innovative 'typewriter' I'd be having a ball flipping through towers of leather-bound books researching content while smashing away (tediously slow) at the keys until my first spelling error. Jump to present-day; I sit here, researching my article, listening to music and typing out the article with frisk vigour on my laptop ... all at once. The laptop, a device which could possibly send the Apollo 11 Shuttle to the moon and back via an app, at the click of a button, in the background while I work, between tea breaks. You get what I mean, right?

How times have changed!

Innovation has become so common in multiple aspects of our lives these days that we have taken the process of innovation for granted. Fancy LED light bulbs which use far less power than the conventional bulb, electric cars, Siri finding recipes for you, even television apps which begin recommend shows based on our previous interests. It's fantastic, and if we stop to think about it, damn amazing!

Then comes wine. In a ... CAN. 

Back in 2008 if you told me we'd be drinking wine from an aluminium can I'd have believed it could be done, but being the old-schooler that I am when it comes to wine I'd have scoffed it off as an idea which would eventually become redundant and forgotten in much the same way that iPod's existenance became redundant thanks to the ... wait for it ... innovation ... of the iPhone.

Jumping 13 years on from 2008 and 'wine in a can' is not as unique as I thought it might have become. With one Google search and 0.81 seconds later I can already give you over 15 options to choose from. Oh wait, there's another that's just popped up on my Instagram feed this morning (no jokes!).

As I mentioned, I'm an old-school wine guy, meaning I'm still for wine from a glass bottle, and as far as I can help it, a cork closure to round off the experience. I just love the old fashioned experience of gently sliding a semi-dusty bottle from a wooden wine rack, romanticising the story of how I came about the wine, searching for a corkscrew, gently pulling the cork, watching the first liquid flow from the bottle neck into the glass. Then, and most enthusiastically, the first sip and commentary which follows.

I like to think that whether I was standing next to Elon Musk or Napoléon Bonaparte at the time, centuries apart, the sequence of events would have been pretty much similar ... 

However, as times change so we modernize. Some things remain the same, and others change ... wine in a can is one process which I believe is going to become a new-normal within the next ten years. This is not to say that it's going to take over wine-in-a-bottle in any way, but the convenience factor will play a large role in it's populatiry, backed by marketing efforts second to none. 

Cue the lights - I've never actually had the balls to make a prediction but here goes nothing;

"Wine in a can will become a norm within the next ten years." - The Wine Guy

HOWEVER ... the style of wine-in-can will be slightly different in that it will err towards a younger market, or those whom enjoy a dry wine aperitif-style sipper without any care for clunking around glass bottles and cork screws. And hey, there's nothing wrong with that, it's innovation in the way we enjoy wine, and living in a democratic society (mostly), we are free to make our own choices as to how we want to sip, and on what.

HAUS have clicked onto this trend with speed and alacrity. 

Their range of three uniquely different wines, each with its own, fresh style aim to fill a gap in the market for wine lovers from the younger, on-the-go generation, or so I think. Punchy marketing, colourful product engagement. Each can lures you in with excitement right down to the matte finish. I love it!

Their slogan sums up the intentions perfectly - "Your Anywhere, Anytime Wine!" 

HAUS offer three intriguing styles of wine in a can ...

The Hugo - If you're a bubbly enthusiast the Hugo will surely tickle your tastebuds. It's a blend of white sparkling wine and seltzer (sparkling water), infused with elderflower characters and a dash of lime for zest. It's dry character and floral aromas make for a crisp sipper on the beach this summer.

The Rosato - Think Rosé and bubbly! That simple ... with an off-dry (semi-sweet) finish which I'm sure will appeal to our friends with a slightly sweeter palate. Tip: Pour over to a glass, drop a few cold cuts of pineapple and strawberry in to turn it into a real pool-side sipper.

The Secco - Dry wine lovers, UNITE! The Secco is dry with tiny bubbles adding spring to it's step. A Frizzante for all intents and purposes. 

Three soulful styles of wine ... from a can. You can slip them into that little cooler box you hardly ever use, with a few blocks of ice before strolling down to the beach (or pool) this summer, and cracking open a can or two without the worry of needing glasses or corkscrews. Oh, how life has become so simple and enjoyable!

Grab a case of each, or for a limited time only get the HAUS Collection which includes one case of each at a special reduced price. 

Just click here to order!

As per usual delivery is made within a few days safely to your doorstep. Why? Because ... I 'can'! 

Innovation is taking place all around us. The beauty of wine and the industry from which it flows is that we have choices. Not just in terms of varietals and styles, but for us more old-world wine aficionados there's still new vintages awaiting bottling as has been done for centuries ... and for our younger, aspiring sippers, there's HAUS. 

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